Cube adjustable PowerBells Twist Review India

All-in-one adjustable dumbbell featuring actual, machined steel weight plates rather than a selection dial for a natural feel and long-lasting durability.

Instead of requiring a full rack of traditional DBs for different workouts or many athletes, one set of these creative new training equipment accomplishes the job on its own.

Why adjustable dumbbell?

Each PowerBells Twist, sold in pairs and available in 20 kg variants, is adjustable by 2 Kg and 4 Kg increments, with a simple twist of the handle setting your own custom weight.

Sold in Pairs

Weight Adjusted By Handles

Transition from one weight to another without having to remove the weight plate. Less work means more time to exercise! Handles show you which weight you are at.

Compact Dumbbells

The dumbbells' tiny design allows you to keep them in the smallest space possible!  Where other dumbbells like Flexibell, remains same at any weight. PowerBells Twist isn't the same.


If you're a casual lifter who places a big premium on traditional dumbbells but that come at a very fast adjustment speed, then the Cube PowerBells Twist is a great option.

Get Right Pick with Cube PowerBells

Cut the slack. Pick the exact weight you want without extra hassle.