ATE buffalo bar

Meet the ATE Buffalo Bar, designed with a cambered shape to reduce stress on your back, enhancing the comfort of your squats!


The ATE Buffalo bar measures 7.8 feet in length, features a 32mm shaft diameter, and has a weight of 21 kilograms.  The bar shaft boasts a black oxide finish and a 1.5mm Diamond Knurl.

Ideal for Squats

The camber angle helps you maintain a neutral position while reducing stress on your shoulder bicep tendon. This increases your core stability while squatting.

Ideal for Bench  Press

A bar that enables athletes to expand their range of motion during bench presses, while simultaneously minimizing excessive stress on the shoulders and elbows.

Center Knurl

The curved design of the ATE buffalo Bar compels athletes to maintain a tight lower back position during squats

Large Size

Besides offering hand placement flexibility, the additional 9" of space between the sleeves also guarantees that, in most rack, the cambered section will not flip down when unsupported.

Should You Buy?

if you have the mobility issues, or rehabbing from a squat injury this bar would be ideal. For Buying,