BullrocK Adjustable Bench – The PanZer

With a Tank Like Built, BullrocK’s PanZer is a terrific heavy-duty bench for training, yet compact for storage, with convenient portability.

Overall pad length of 1333mm/52.5” and width of 292mm/11.5” make it comfortable and convenient for any size athlete.

A sturdy frame constructed with 11-gauge CR steel- 75x75mm pipe with a 6mm thick laser cut profile, making the bench extra stable.

The engineered ladder design makes it adaptable for ten 10 back pad position angle adjustments (from 0 to 85 degrees with incremental of 7.5 degrees) and 3 seat pad adjustments.

It does not possess a decline feature so as to maintain a minimal gap of 45mm between the seat and the back pad.

It is conveniently portable and can be uplifted with a 25mm knurled handle and wheels with bearings, occupying a footprint of just 630 x 445mm/24.75 x 17.5” when stored vertically.

Overall, The PanZer is compact artillery on your floor always on to spread itself for a lift!