Bullrock EZ Curl Bar (Chrome Version)

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This bar is 10KG, 4ft long, has 28mm shaft diameter, made of alloy steel and snap ring construction, and can carry max load of 300lbs.

This bar is available in different coating options like: 1. Black oxide 2. Black ceramic 3. Chrome/ Hard chrome.


Material: Alloy Steel Brand: BullrocK Item Weight: 10 Kilograms Grip Type: Knurled Grip Size: 28 millimeters Max load: 300lbs

Bullrock EZ CURL BAR has 2 Needle bearings and 2 bronze bushings to provide minimal but smooth rotation just like any olympic barbell.

High-quality Bearings & Bushings

You get the 1.2 mm diamond knurl, a standard EZ knurl. Sectional knurled handles increase the grip, comfort, and safety of your workout, for both close grip and wide grip exercises.

Choose the one which feels comfortable to you? The angle of your wrists with a standard barbell is straight; however, your wrists are slightly rotated meaning your wrists will be slightly angled.

Usage: EZ CURL BAR is the perfect bar for accessory work such as bicep curls, close grip curls, reverse curls, etc.