This is a 3-post bench. The heavy duty flat bench from Siege Fitness provides unmatched stability and a rock solid foundation for your workouts.

Siege Fitness Flat Bench!

Why 3 post design?

It is designed to keep the bench's feet out of the way of your feet. This allows for free placement of your feet, especially at the front post.

14" wide pad

This pad is about 14” wide. A wide pad is ideal for larger lifters and people who want more shoulder support, and it can simulate a floor press.

Handle for moving

This bench is 37 kgs, so carrying it would be tough.  A vertical placed handle  with 2 wheels on the front helps it moving easily.

Good Flat Bench

Featuring 11-gauge 75x75mm CR steel Pipe, exhibits exceptional strength capable of withstanding the weight of a world record bench press.

– Weight: 37 KG – Height: 17” – Width:14” – Length: 48” – Reinforced Chassis – High Quality 11 Gauge steel construction – Excellent Quality Rubberized EVM Foam seats


A solid bench! Tailored for powerlifters and dedicated athletes, the Siege flat bench is designed to serve your heaviest bench press.

Best Flat Gym Bench!