Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar in India

The article ranks the best pull-up bars in India based on specifications and prices, covering various budgets and purposes Check it out.

1. Kore Pull up bar - Best Value

At INR 1,000, it offers great value for money.  While the quality is basic, it can support up to 120kgs and provides stability with proper bolts. Ideal for beginners starting with pull-ups.

Pros: – Affordable price range  – Can withstand weights up to 120kg (with caution) – Includes an additional neutral grip Cons: – Rubber grips tear easily – May require professional assistance for installation

2. Sapphire Pull up bar - Best Multigrip

At an affordable price of INR 3,000 or even less,. I believe this pull-up bar offers exceptional value for money and stands out as the top choice available in India.

Pros: – Has 8 different pull-up options for exercise variation – Large size (over 4 feet) provides ample space for workouts – Sturdy build quality – Suitable for weighted pull-ups and can handle heavy weights Cons: – None

3. Bullrock Pull up Bar For Calisthenics

The Bullrock Baboon pull-up bar is available in 24-inch and 32-inch depth variations. The pull-up bar offers knurled grips, allowing for different grip preferences and exercises.

Pros: – Superb build quality – Offers unique features not found in other pull-up bars – Durable and long-lasting Cons: – Expensive price point, costing more than INR 10,000 with shipping – Pricing may be out of budget for most people