Resistance Bands

When choosing, consider factors such as the level of resistance you need, the material (usually latex or rubber), the length of the band, and the overall quality.


FITSY is a well-known brand they offer a range of resistance levels and styles to suit different fitness levels and workout preferences


AURION is a brand that manufactures a range of fitness and sports accessories, including resistance bands. They offer budget-friendly options for those looking to add resistance training to their workouts.

January 16, 2020


The exercise band are made of environmentally friendly latex material, tear-resistant, and durable. The greater the pull, the greater the resistance you will feel.

Resistance band brands under 100

If you're a beginner, go for cheap resistance bands to get started.  But if you're committed to fitness, invest in higher-quality bands for a better resistance.

By Agatha Android

Why to get Resistance bands?

if you want to target your chest, you can do so standing straight up.  You can cause tension diagonally by anchoring the band to the side.