Different color-coded push up boards target particular muscles used, making your posture more consistent, and aligned to make your workout more efficient.

Why use Push up Board?


Learning to do push-ups is never easy. You need to have the  strength, know the technique of positioning your limbs, and focus.  And if you already have the three, you can go for a push up board to ensure proper stability.

The panel is made of higher-quality, environmentally friendly carbon fiber material, and it can withstand loads of up to 120KG.  Non-slip stickers are used to keep the push up board from wobbling during workout.

With superior premium comfort hand grips, bigger handle with ergonomic design, this provides you a more pleasant experience when exercising your muscles.

Desire Hub Push-up Board, 9 in 1Push-up Support

When we use it, the force is concentrated on the wrist.

Who should be using the push-up board?

Many people have the same question while talking about the pushup board — “Is it good for beginners, intermediate, or advanced?”