Why Power lifting Belt?

A belt guarantees perfect biomechanics while squatting and deadlifting.  When you wear a weightlifting belt, you'll be forced to lift more using your legs rather than your back.

When to Wear A Belt?

A powerlifting belt should be worn rarely and only when absolutely necessary, which is only when you have a heavy load on your spine. 

Types of Belts Available?

Different belts have different locking systems, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.  It primarily comes down to personal choice.

Thickness of Belt

This belt's 10mm thickness ensures a strong foundation.  Look no farther if you're planning on doing a lot of heavy deadlifting and want to keep your trunk in place.

Which is best powerlifting belt to get?

USI Universal Power Lifting Belt, 790PLH Heavy

These Belts Are Made To Fit Tightly Around The Natural Waist

Want to know which belt fits you best?

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