Medicine balls Vs Wall balls Vs Slam Balls 

Medicine balls, wall balls, and slam balls are used for various exercises, and are designed for different purposes.  Here's a brief overview of each-

Medicine balls

– They are typically made of rubber or leather. Medicine balls are often used for exercises such as medicine ball throws, slams, twists, and partner passes.

Wall balls

– Wall balls are larger than traditional medicine balls and are usually softer.  The primary use of wall balls is to throw them against a wall and catch them as they come back.

Slam Balls

- The main purpose of slam balls is to lift them overhead and forcefully slam them into the ground. This movement engages the entire body and is an effective way to develop power and explosiveness.

Which to buy?

While medicine balls are versatile, wall balls are specifically designed for throwing against a wall, and slam balls are built to withstand high-impact slams.