The Hex Bar is engineered to feature a dual grip,  i.e., 28mm and 35mm handles.  This sets it apart from most of the hex bars you must have seen.

Leeway Hex Bar

The Hex Bar is 22kg, 86” long. The durable hexagonal frame is welded from 2×2″ 11-gauge CR steel tubing.  Both the Knurled handles are made with solid rods, featuring robust construction.


This Hex Bar is a great option for Deadlifts while being versatile enough to be used for shrugs, rows, farmers walk, plyometric deadlifts, step-ups, and much more if you get creative.

Great For

Dual Handles

The thin 28mm handle makes deadlifting comfortable by providing better hand contact with the handle. The thicker 32mm handle is great to challenge your grip during deadlifts and farmers walks

It’s also an excellent choice for (non-barbell sports) athletes or recreational lifters.  Or who don’t want to invest the additional time required to learn a straight-bar deadlift while reaping all the benefits of a deadlift.

Get It!

This special deadlift hex bar allows for increased loading in deadlifts, especially for beginners or people with mobility issues which might make straight-bar deadlifts challenging.

This bar allows for a full body workout by engaging large muscle groups thereby building strength and fueling muscle growth; for use with Olympic weights.