Roxan Hex Trap Bar

The Hex Bar boasts a weight of 22 kg and measures 86 inches. It features dual handle grips, measuring 28mm in diameter.  The sturdy hexagonal frame is good for balance.

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By Agatha Android

January 16, 2020

Why this bar?

This Hex Bar is an excellent choice for Deadlifts, and its versatility extends to exercises like shrugs, rows, farmers walks, plyometric deadlifts.

Hex Shape

This unique hexagonal deadlift bar enables higher weight capacity in deadlifts, offering a particularly valuable option for beginners or individuals with mobility limitations.

Special deadlift hex bar

Who prefer not to spend extra time learning the intricacies of the straight-bar deadlift, yet still want to enjoy the full benefits of the deadlift, get trap barbell.

DUAL handles 

The 28mm dual handle enhances comfort and grip, particularly for those with smaller hands.  You can take the lower handles for more range of motion.

Should You buy?

Those who enjoy weightlifting for fitness can benefit from the versatility of a hex trap bar, which allows for a range of exercises beyond deadlifts.