Hack Athletics Velcro Belt

A weightlifting belt is used to boost core stability and create intra-abdominal pressure.  Hack athletics belt help maintains a consistent 4-inch width for reliable protection, support, and performance.

No matter how heavy you're lifting. You won't have to worry about your belt coming undone unexpectedly.

Quick Locking & Secure

Unlike leather or foam, unique Nylon material is designed to let air circulate, & you won't have to deal with any unpleasant smell. Best.

Nylon Material

Unlike traditional lifting belts with basic straps that can wear out, our belt features a quick-locking buckle for easy and secure closure.  The buckle stays locked even under heavy loads.

Enjoy hassle-free adjustments, a comfortable fit, and easy on/off convenience.  Price: 1400 (Read  below..)