Leeway Fitness 9 post Bar Holder


– It's a space-efficient storage option that holds up to 9 bars in a vertical upright position.  And the really cool part is that it doesn't take up much space.

9 Holes For Keeping Bars

What mattered to me was finding a piece big enough to fit 9 barbells that I planned to fill it up with my expensive bars. It has 9 space holes, 3 on each side to keep your bars safe!

Does The Box Slide?

 Even though I put it on my rubber floor, the box doesn't move around.  It's kind of heavy, weighing 20 kg.

Tube Spacing and Fit

Smooth rounded mounts securely hold the bars in place. They designed each sleeve to grip 7 1/2 inches of the barbell's sleeve, making it suitable for various bar sizes.

LASER Cut Logo

– Laser-cut LEEWAY logo looks wow! I find laser cutting aesthetically pleasing. The finish on my piece is nearly flawless, with no scratches or dents.

Who Should Buy?

– Who owns multiple bars and If you are concerned about your barbell safety, or tipping over when vertically stored.