Brand: The Cube Club Item Weight: 15 Kilograms Material: Foam Colour: Black Weight Limit: 200 Kilograms

The Cube Club Adjustable & Foldable Bench

₹ 10000


Adjustable Design

Simply just pull the adjusting bolt to the proper position and it locks automatically in place for a complete body exercise.  For a full body exercise, the bench has 7 back adjustments and 3 seat positions.

Folding, storing, and transporting this item is simple. The bench's folding design makes it simple to store in any room!  When it's not in use, you may tuck it away in a corner or beneath your bed.

Easy to Clean

After repeated usage, it does not wrinkle and is easy to clean. It is exceptionally comfortable because to the non-slip leather and sleek lines.  The cushion is protected from precise edge stitching so it won't rip apart.

The actual gym experience is brought to you by commercial-grade frosted steel and a robust triangle frame.  Thousands of weight tests have been conducted to guarantee that this bench is strong and durable for long-term use.

Robust & Non-slip Design

Designed with you in mind, this bench can be  adjusted in: – -20° – 0° – 30° – 45° – 60° – 90°

Adjustable Knob

Adjustable & Foldable Bench

Strength Training Equipment For Full Body Workout