Best Deadlift Strap

When choosing lifting straps, check your sports.  The choice between traditional and figure-8 straps often comes down to personal preference.

Lasso Straps

– These are simple straps that loop around the bar and your wrist. You wrap them around the bar to secure your grip. – Advantages: Easy to use

Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are supportive accessories.  They are designed to provide stability and help prevent excessive wrist extension or flexion during bench pressing.

Figure 8 Straps 

Shaped like the number 8, these straps wrap around the bar and your wrist without requiring you to wrap them multiple times. Quick and easy to use!

Grind Gear Straps

Designed by an athlete, deadlift straps are one of the strongest available straps.  These straps are highly preferred by professional powerlifters and strongman athletes.

Which Strap To Buy?

Make sure to prioritize proper lifting technique and not rely solely on straps to compensate for poor form or grip strength.