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Finding a quality barbell for your home gym is indeed more complex than it may seem.  While it may appear as a simple steel rod, several factors influence its quality and performance.

1. Bullrock Stainless Steel Bar

The Sabertooth Bar: Stainless Steel embraces you for deadly deadlifts, strong squats and beasty bench presses. It differs from our Sabertooth Bar, since its Rust proof due to SS’s excellent corrosion resistance, which saves you maintenance.

2. ATE Olympic Lifting Bar

The bar comprises of the ATE unique ball bearing system with 10HK Ball Bearings. This bar is our incredible deal for CrossFit boxes, Conventional gyms and Olympic weightlifting gyms.

3. ATE Powerlifting Bar

The ATE Olympic barbell is an IPF-specification bar, so it obviously measures 7.2fts in length and weighs 20 kgs, which is just good for any male strong powerlifter.

4. ATE Red Falcon Bar

The ATE Red Falcon Barbell has a Cerakote Red finish. Cerakote coating is highly durable and rust resistant. If you live in a coastal area with high humidity, the Cerakote finish is ideal for your use.

5. Leeway Ostin Barbell

The Ostin Bar 2.0 is a Chrome & Black, 20 KG Bar.  It is 2200mm long, have 413mm loadable sleeve lengths, and the shaft diameter is 28 MM.

We have tested many barbells and reviewed them ourselves, to bring you this review. Check the below blog. Use DISCOUNT CODES when buying - check blog