The Aurion Weightlifting belts are designed for use during strength training exercises.  They are made of leather and are designed to help protect the lower back and spine from injury.

POSITIVES - Gentle on the stomach  - An excellent belt choice for beginners NEGATIVES - Limited to a thickness of only 6mm, with less than 4mm of leather  - Constructed with double suede material  - Lacks stiffness  - The prong quality is mediocre.


This belt is only 6mm thick, with a double suede design that results in a leather thickness of around 3-4mm.  The cost-cutting is evident, as the leather is noticeably thin. With such a thin leather layer, it's not suitable for supporting heavier weights.


The Aurion prong belt is suitable for beginners in powerlifting, but it may not be durable for long-term use.  However, when it comes to lifting heavy weights, it may not be the best choice.