ATE Multipurpose barbell

Introducing the ATE Arctic Camo Bar 20kg featuring a distinctive Cerakote Camo Shaft finish, perfect for any fitness gym or studio. 


– Cerakote Camo Finish – Hard Chrome Sleeves – Strength rating at 190,000 PSI – Weight – 20 kg – Grip – 28 mm – Dual IWF + IPF Knurl Mark – 6 HK Needle Bearings – Moderate Whip


The 1.2MM diamond knurl and a robust 770kgs weight capacity ensure PR-breaking workouts.  With 6 HK Ball Bearings for smooth rotation, it's an ideal choice for CrossFit.

Why buy this bar?

A multipurpose barbell is a versatile and cost-effective investment. It can be used for both powerlifting & weightlifting exercises, no need to buy a separate bar.

Looks Wow!

The camouflage pattern adds a unique and visually interesting element to the barbell.  It stands out and grabs attention, making it an eye-catching piece of equipment.

Sleeve Rotation

It has an amazing spin with 6 HK needle bearings (3 per sleeve) and 2 bronze bushings, making it suitable for Olympic exercises like snatch, clean, and jerk, bench press.

By Agatha Android

January 16, 2020

Should You Buy?

I give this ATE camo Bar a solid 5 out of 5 stars ⭐ for its beauty, functionality, and overall quality. The decision to buy or not hinges on  those who want to stand out from crowd.