BullrocK Black Rubber Bumper Plates

These Bumper Plates are made up of high-quality Natural Rubber composition that results in low bounce with better impact absorbing properties.


Less bounce means more predictable bar travel when dropped, less time chasing your bar around the gym, which allows you to workout safely in small spaces or with others.

Low Bounce & Efficient

These new bumper plates 2.0 which come with a thinner profile, like for e.g. the 25kg plate of 88mm is reduced up to 84mm & which means more loading capacity on the bar.

Thickness of the Bumper Plate

These Rubber Bumpers plates are manufactured with IWF Standard specification, i.e. 450mm in diameter & 50.4mm collar opening with steel ring insert.

IWF Standards

Buy Competition Standard 50mm (2 inch) 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg Weight Plate

It is ideal for powerlifting, CrossFit, or weightlifting.