Yoga Essentials You Need To Buy!

These items you must get before International Day of Yoga arrives!

1. Boldfit Yoga Belt

By Agatha Android

You can use the yoga belt exercise to assist with simple stretches and over time your body will become more flexible.

2. Yoga Wheel

Whether you are a yoga beginner or you just want a little extra help to Improve Backbends, Bridge Pose, Dharma Yoga Wheel Pose. Weight limit (250 kgs) Thick padding: 8mm

3. Yoga Block Brick Set

– Yoga blocks help promote better balance, proper alignment, and deeper poses.

4. Resistance Bands

Exercise your arms, back, legs and buttocks that is perfect for body resistance training and physiotherapy to strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.

5. Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel

Microfiber yoga towel absorbs twice as much cotton does and dries in half of the time, so you can do yoga without worry about slipping.