ATE powerlifting bars

20KG ATE Bar boasts an impressive 205K PSI tensile strength and has an exclusive knurl pattern that delivers an unparalleled tactile experience.


Stainless Steel barbell brings in the following advantages: 1. Rust proof due to SS’s excellent corrosion resistance, 2. A strong grip and knurl feel 3. High Stiffness.


The Stainless Steel ATE Bar offers a firm yet non-abrasive grip, single knurl marks for Powerlifting, precise bronze bushings, whip and rigidity.


This bar features a modern 1.5mm aggressive Volcano knurl with increased points for better grip. It also includes an IPF-5 knurl mark with a central knurl.

Warranty You Get

ATE confidence in their products is reflected by their generous warranty terms.  The ATE SS BAR includes a 1-year warranty and a lifetime warranty against bending.

Should you buy?

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This ATE bar is made for powerlifters, who pushes too limits. Its the most heavy capacity power bar. Use code: "MENSQUATS" when buying.