Want A Weightlifting Set?

I know how much it is important for an athlete that his/her equipment's would perform good,  at their crucial lifts.  You can't rely on bad quality. Thats why I trust only 1 brand - which I myself have used (ATE)

#1 ATE Competition Bumpers

You get,  1 Barbell - 20 kg/ or 15kg - Competition Bumpers - 140 kg - Fractional Plates (15 kg) - Collars Price: Rs 93,456 (5% Discount)

#2 ATE Regular Bumper Plates

You get, 1 Barbell - 20 kg/ or 15kg - Regular Bumpers - 150 kg - Fractional Plates (15 kg) - Collars Price: Rs 70,000 (5% Discount)

OUR FINEST WEIGHTLIFTING TRAINING GEAR IN ONE CONVENIENT PACKAGE The ATE Challenger Weightlifting Set bundles everything you need for a competition set up into one convenient hassle-free package.

These are the thinnest plates in the market - means you can load more of these on the bar.  If a person want to load 250kg on the bar, he can.  Use Discount Code to buy: "MENSQUATS"


You may talk to me on Instagram _mensquats_ to customize your order or buy from the below link Share code: "MENSQUATS" with ATE team on WhatsApp for getting extra 5% off.