Best Boxing Gloves in India

We provide you boxing gloves for every price and requirement, so whether you need boxing gloves for beginners or heavy bags, we have you covered. NO EVERLAST GLOVES*

Le Buckle Boxing Gloves - Best for begineers

These are most affordable boxing gloves, costing INR 600. They are made of synthetic leather PVC and are ideal for people who are just getting into boxing.

LEW Boxing Gloves - Best Under 1000

The overall quality of these is also lot better than the le buckle ones, and if you want a  good built quality and are willing to spend a little more, these will be good.

USI LITE Boxing Gloves - Best Under 2000

At roughly INR 1600, they use PU leather material and is more durable. These are far superior than the competition's synthetic leather.

USI Amateur Contest Gloves: Best for heavy bag

These are the USI contest gloves, and they are made of hide leather, which means they will last a long time with minimal tear. Used by professionals.

USI 609VM Boxing Gloves - Best Premium

At roughly INR 3,500, these are some of the most costly boxing gloves on Amazon, and the quality reflects that in most cases. I enjoy the retro look.

What is 12oz Boxing Gloves?

8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz are all various sizes of boxing gloves that suit various hand sizes; use the size chart provided by the manufacturer to pick.