Cold water Bath

Yes, many elite athletes take an ice bath after exercise to reduce muscle soreness and pain.  The cold water can: Reduce swelling and tissue breakdown.

How long should you ice bath for?

Immersion should be 10 to 20 minutes in water that’s between 50 and 59 degrees.

How often should you ice bath?

You can take ice baths daily or multiple times a week. There’s no recommended limit.  As always, it’s extremely important to use ice baths with caution.

Will ice baths help you lose weight?

They can.  When you’re exposed to cold temp, your body burns a lot of calories in the process of warming your body back up to a temperature of about 98.6 F.

Can ice baths make you sick?

Taking ice baths could put you at risk for: – Hypothermia – Nerve damage – Pain – Complications in anyone

Are ice baths good for you?

Done properly, ice baths for recovery may be worth trying.  There have been some positive benefits.