SFhealthtech Bumper Plates

Happy with the service of sf health & also quality of the bumper plates.  Using it for my weightlifting training, happy & satisfied!!

5 kgs (Grey): 24 mm 10 kgs (Green): 40 mm 15 kgs (Yellow): 56 mm 20 kgs (Blue): 72 mm 25 kgs (Red): 88 mm

Plate Thickness

the thinner the plates the more plates can be loaded onto the bar.

Built with a blend of virgin rubber and a combination of stainless steel collar, it is perfect for home and commercial gym use.  It has low bounce which helps the product to last longer than regular Rubber Bumper plates.


These Bumper Plates comes with an improved Matte finish which provides an enhanced smooth yet clean look finish with easy to clean property. No cheap plates, come with matte finish.

Rubber Finish 

SF Rubber Bumper Plates 2.0 have a standard 450 mm diameter and a weight within 1.5% of its target.  They are highly bought by commercial gyms who can't compromise on quality and durability.


The plates are firstly damn beautiful to look at. Its an amazing product and I strongly recommend to everybody.  Of course, if you want olympic ones then that would be a bit more expensive and more superior to 2.0. However, I just love the product.

Made of 100% rubber composition. Price ranges from Rs 300/ per kg or more. Don't fall for plates which cost Rs 130 or so, those can be damaged sooner. Buy from sfhealthtech.com at 5% discount - Use Code: "MENSQUATS5" on checkout.