The Full Rack features rock-solid stability and a massive load-bearing capacity of over 1000 KGs.

Rs 50000/ unit  (Discount at the end)

Product Details:  Height 84 Inch Steel Section 2.5 x 2.5 Inch Steel Gauge 11 Gauge, 3 mm Hardware 16 mm (5/8”) Hole Size 16 mm

A unique design of the supporting feet brackets, floor runners and further reinforcement via a connective tie-bar on the floor ensures incredible stability and does not require the rack to be bolted onto the floor.

The rack comes with a straight pull up bar of 1.25” diameter and 41” length, which allows performing pull-ups, muscle-ups and more exercises on it.

Additional Accessories include Spotter arms with swivel and clasp hooks and UHMW plastic lining and weight storage pins.

The Seige fitness Juggernaut power rack features a compact footprint while having increased depth and a spacious working area of 50” for maximum comfort and safety.

2″ spacing precision laser-cut holes throughout except bench & clean pull zone where holes are spaced with 1,” i.e., Westside Spacing that allows finding the optimal spot for your safety attachments.