In the men's javelin throw final at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, India's Neeraj Chopra took home the silver medal with a best throw of 88.13 metres. But how?

World Championship Medal

Low body fat percentage

The body fat percentage, a crucial measurement for elite athletes, required correction. In December, Chopra's had 16%. Currently, it's 10, which is appropriate for a javelin thrower.

Squats, snatches, weighted lunges, and a time circuit were included. Nine stations were created. He spend twenty seconds on one channel before switching to the next.

Weight Training

Midway through January, Chopra began throwing balls. He would stand on grass and occasionally throw a javelin for practise.  He went to the runway after that. But after Chopra relocated to the Gloria Sports Arena in Antalya, Turkey, the major throwing started.

Quality sleep

Above all, he gets the best possible sleep. It takes eight to ten hours. No matter what recovery choices we select, sleep always ranks as the best, in his opinion. You cannot fully heal if you don't get enough sleep.

Once the competition begins, Chopra walks the runway with a lot of confidence.  The "Neeraj-Chopra-inside-the-stadium button" has to be activated. He behaves differently once he enters the stadium.

Switching on Chopra button

If you ever seen a dream of being a javelin thrower, you need to have a javelin, a good one.  Only ATE in India offers it.