Push Up Board

A push-up board is a stable and sturdy platform with color-coded handle adjustments that leverages the benefits of the push-up exercise

What You Can Do On It?

By using the push-up board, individuals can perform more than 30 different push-up variations, allowing them to train their upper body from different angles and intensify their workouts


With the advantage of having predetermined hand placements, you can get your hand positioning right during push-ups.  This allows you establish a strong mind-muscle connection.


it is worth noting that they may not be significantly different from push-up handles.  If you are already proficient in using push-up handles, investing in a push-up board may not be necessary.

Who should buy push-up board?

A newbie could learn the correct technique. On the other hand, an advanced lifter could use it to exhaust his muscles using supersets.