Multifunctional Pull up Bar

Can be used for a variety of exercises that effectively build muscle across the chest, arms, back and core with chin-ups, push-ups, dip station,leg raises.

Easy to Assemble

4 (10mm) Strong Suspension Anchors.  For assembly and installation you will need: Hammer drill with 10-12mm(15/32 In) for concrete or brick walls.

Tear resistant,Well-padded,high density,padded back and arm cushions provide comfort as you work out your abdomen, waist, chest, and upper limbs.

Durable Cushion

This wall mounted pull up bar is made of heavy duty steel,which offers great stability and rigidity,supports up to 220kg.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

By Agatha Android

Concrete wall or brick wall is suggested for mounting this pull up bar and dip station.  DON'T install on drywall, plaster walls and cavity.

Where to Place?