ProWolf Deadlift Slippers!

Today, we're diving into a topic that's crucial for lifters – deadlifting shoes.  We'll be discussing about, what we like and dislike about them.

Why wear it?

Your typical running or training have a cushiony bottom and soles that mould to your feet.  It might hinder your ability to connect with the floor during a deadlift.

Best For deadlifts!

Choosing the right deadlifting shoe depends on your preference. If you're a beginner or don't plan to compete, flat shoes may suffice.

What's in the sole?

Minimalist, low stack height, and easy to slip on/off. Great for feeling connected to the ground.  Some lack lateral support, but models with sidewalls are available.

Who Should Buy them?

Deadlift shoes are particularly beneficial for serious weightlifters and powerlifters who regularly perform deadlifts as part of their training routine.

Total Lockdown

Shoes Two straps work together to lock your middle Foot, which in turn secures your stability.


A stable foundation that delivers great traction with the ground is exactly what you need in Deadlift.