Roller J cups racks!

.Roller J cups guide a racked bar into a more narrow, secure position, to avoid rough jolting and unnecessary displacing.

By Agatha Android

January 16, 2020

Normal J cups

These J-shaped hooks attach to the rack, providing a secure resting place for the barbell

Why it helps?

Compared to traditional J Cups they just add ease to lifting and racking a barbell, avoid the extra hassle of positioning, and are seamless to attach.

UHMW protection

All side UHMW, even on the front, protects your bar from an impact in case of a dash and also prevents scratching of your rack’s upright.

Concave design

The concave design in the centre makes the bar return to the front of the J-cup, while the rollers ensure your bar glides effortlessly.

What it costs?

It will cost you ₹8,484 Compatible with BullrocK Gorilla Series Racks, Rigs and Stands.