January 16, 2020

Leeway Olympic Hex Trap Bar

The hex trap bar is a specialty barbell.  It has a hexagonal shape, hence the name, and is designed to offer several benefits compared to a traditional straight barbell.


86" L x 29" W; Loadable sleeve length is 16 inches; Bars have 2" bar end diameter to ensure bars fit all standard plates with holes 2" or less.


- It has a two sizes grip, the one is 28mm and the second one is 35mm. - It is designed to hold 50mm Olympic weight plates. - Black zinc coating on the entire product.

Load Capacity

Total assembled weight is 45lb.  Suggested Max Weight Capacity 1000 lb.

Good Knurling

Knurled grip handles allow the user to accurately perform Rack Pulls, Shoulder Shrugs, Deadlifts, and Bent Over Rows.

Other Kinds of HEX bar 

This is the simple hex bar which you'll find every where and this is what most people would buy.

This Hex bar has different grips to hold onto, and give you more variety to deadlift

Leeway Multi Grip Barbell

Uniquely designed knurled revolving tri-grip handle with grips measuring 28mm, 35mm, and 48mm, respectively.  As you train, you can switch to a larger-sized grip to help build forearm strength.