Calibrated Deep Dish Iron Weight Plates

It's thin profile, a tough E-Coat finish, and a unique 4-surface machining process guarantees it fits snugly on the bar, great for powerlifting.

These  Deep Dish Plates are a throwback to old-school weightlifting competitions.  They were once valued more for their practicality than for their looks.

Vintage Look

These plates are made using a two-step process "opening, allowing it to be used with any regular Olympic Barbell! They're great for Powerlifting, and so much more.


For different strength levels and workout intensities, KAKSS provides a variety of weight options. Available weights are 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 kilogrammes.

Motivate yourself to Lift!

It has a consistent diameter and sits flush against other plates when loaded.

Only Deep Dish Plates sold in India