Using the wrong yoga mat can result in slipping during practice.  Yoga was traditionally done on hard surfaces, but the practice has evolved to include mats for comfort and stability.


The Material

– PVC: Not environmentally friendly. – Foam: Eco-friendly alternative to PVC – Rubber: Eco-friendly and solid alternative to PVC – Cotton & Jute: Thin and eco-friendly mats.

Thickness or Density

Yoga mats come in three sizes: – 1/4 inch – 1/8 inch  – Ultra-portable mats. Mats that are too thin can lead to knee or joint problems. Thick mats can make certain poses challenging.

Type of yoga

Textured mats are ideal for active yoga styles like power yoga, offering grip during bending, sliding, and stretching.  For lower-intensity yoga, prioritize comfort.


Stickiness in yoga mats refers to the suction-like grip.  PVC and foam mats offer high stickiness, rubber mats provide moderate stickiness, while cotton and jute mats have low stickiness.


A standard yoga mat size is 24" x 68".  The width is typically 24" while the length can vary and go up to 84" in certain cases.

Listen to your body

When choosing a yoga mat, prioritize safety and functionality over price or appearance.