Hack Athletics Gym Belt

Hack Athletics offers a 10mm thick powerlifting lever belt priced at around INR 5,100. Despite the cost, the belt exudes a premium look and feel.

The stitching and overall finish on the leather are top-notch, exhibiting no inconsistencies.  The suede interior adds to the premium feel, making the belt a delightful experience.



PROS  - Premium feel and appearance  - 10mm total thickness (8mm leather, 2mm suede)  - Aesthetically pleasing  - Consistent hole spacing CONS - Lack of a 13mm option

Despite being a budget lever belt, it doesn't compromise on feel or appearance. The belt excels in leather quality, lever performance, finishing, and fit.

Should You Buy?

Other belt

Hack athletics offer several other belts also, like prong leather belt an Velcro belt for weightlifters.  All of the belt boasts a minimalistic and modern design.


Unmatched Strength and Support. Elevate your lifting experience with this  powerlifting belt. Get to know more about these belts, which to choose?