PREMIUM COMFORT -  This treadmill offers comfortable cushioning and movement flexibility, which also effectively reduces noise for a pleasant workout.

LED Display You've Seen Never Before

It has an informative display that indicates calories burned, speed, and distance for the current session, as well as time passed throughout the workout and overall distance travelled by the treadmill.

Foldable, and easy to move

Its folding design allows you to simply build the treadmill as well as store or transport it into compact locations, making it ideal for usage at home.

100% Pre installed treadmill to Give 0 worries!

There is no need to assemble the treadmill; simply plug it in and start running | WARRANTY - Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Motor Warranty, and 1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

STRONG MOTOR - 2.75 HP Continuous and 5.5 HP Peak, A quiet and smooth indoor treadmill motor with speeds ranging from 1 to 12.8 KM/H

The Heart of Treadmill


By Mary Apartment

Pre-Installed Foldable  Treadmill for Home Use

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