Cheapest Olympic Barbell Curl Bar 4 feet

Take a slightly pronated, or turned inward grip to hit your bicep muscles from the right angle with this curl barbell.

Curl bar dimensions

28mm shaft diameter 4 ft long curl bar 49 mm loadable sleeve diameter;  Black Powder Coated Bar. Knurling on each side.

Diamond knurling in a medium depth for a firm, non-slip grip; On  areas you grip you get kburling rest areas are kept polished. On Sleeves you get brass bushings for easy lifting and reduced wrist and forearm pressure;

Knurling You Get

Fitter, Faster, Stronger

2"" sleeve diameter on this barbell fits to any Olympic weight plates with 50mm diameter (2") If you don't have weight plates at home buy from amazon here...

Most traditional barbell spring clips are less secure than these. Spring clips are also more difficult to remove.  These are strong and long-lasting barbell collars/ clamps  that are light weight and support heavier weights.

LEEWAY 4 ft Curl Bar on Amazon