Cult fit is  a well known gym chain in India, and now they are into selling equipment. Their treadmill and bikes are an new introduction to the gym line. See next >>

Cultsport c1 Treadmill

Speed of 0.8-14km/h Maximum user weight - 110 kgs 1.75 CHP motor power LCD type display Manual inclination level 6

Highlights of c1 Treadmill

The new Cultsport smartrun c1, a one of a kind motorized treadmill with speed of 0.8-14km/h and a 1.75 CHP motor power,


You get bluetooth speakers, full infotainment , LCD display and many more things to keep you iintrested in this machine.

Cultsport c2 Treadmill

Speed of 0.8-16km/h Maximum user weight - 120 kg 2 CHP motor power Belt dimensions- 1260*450 MM Auto inclination level 15

Both the treadmill is hydraulically adjusted and folded for easy storage.  You get anti skid surface, rollers to move it and inclination levels (with is different.)

Difference Between: c1 Vs C2 Treadmill?

Speed Difference:  14 km/h and 16 km/hr Max User Weight: 110 kg Vs 120 kg Motor: 1.75 CHP Vs 2 CHP Inclination: Manual 6 Vs Automatic level 15