3 Best Cross Trainer for home

Elliptical machines, are available in almost every gym, are a staple of the cardio cannon.   They appear welcoming and are user-friendly: Set your foot on the pedals, grasp the handlebars, and get moving.


Brand: Durafit Item Weight: 30.8 Kilogram Resistance: 8 Level Manual Flywheel Weight : 5 kg 1 year of product warranty

#1 BEST SELLER - Durafit Tango Elliptical

Model Name: MP 6066 Brand: WELCARE Material: Steel fly wheel: 5 kgs with two-way rotation Support a maximum of 90 kg


Brand: Cockatoo Flywheel Size: 6KGS Incline (up to 13 Degree). Maximum Weight: 120Kgs User Height: 160-195cm

3. Best Price - Cockatoo CE03 Advance Smart Series Elliptical

Elliptical trainers are popular among the older baby boomer population.  They are easy on ageing joints. And if you've never used one of these, there are a few strong reasons to do so.

Why elliptical?

Some Known Benefits of Elliptical Trainer 

1. Mimics the Natural Motion of Walking 2. Weight-Bearing Exercise 3. Works Out the Whole Body 4. Versatile 5. Low Maintenance