Cockatoo10 Kg to 200 Kg) Home Gym Set

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By Agatha Android

Cockatoo Home gym set could be a great solution to your buying gym weights, bars and gloves. It is a good combo for a home gym.

A complete kit with dumbbells, bar and discs to strengthen your entire body: work the biceps, triceps, the back and lower body.

(31 mm) Rubber Plates, Dumbbells Kit

Home gym set offers rubber weight plates available in different sizes and numbers. Hence you can select your ideal choice according to your necessity.

Dumbbell Loadable Handle

This combo package also includes a pair of 14-inch regular dumbbell rods, which can be adjusted with weights as per the user’s necessities.

The pair of gym gloves comes with modern gel technology which provides protection to the trainee’s wrists. These grippers help the user in enhancing the strength of the grip.

With Cockatoo's many weight home gym equipment options, you can easily build up your own home gym. Note: You still might want to get a pull up bar, power rack etc.