BullrocK Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates

BullrocK Olympic Cast Iron Plates are built to fulfill a budgetary appeal towards the Iron Plates for Strength Training. Swipe Next>>>>

Available in 5 kg Set (2.5 x 2) 10 kg Set (5 x 2) 15 kg Set (2.5x2, 5x2) 20 kg Set (10 x 2) 35 kg Set (2.5x2, 5x2, 10x2)

The Surface is expertly treated under Resin Sand Casting Treatment provides an improved finish and oxidation resistivity compared to traditional painted cast iron plates.

Weight Tolerance: 1.25kg: 7%, 2.5kg: 3%, 5kg: 7%, 10kg: 3%, 15kg: 5%, 20kg: 2% This means more accuracy of weights onto your barbell.

Elegantly designed cast-iron discs suitable for Powerlifting, with a thin profile allowing for more weight to be loaded onto the bar. These are simple, classic, & tough enough.

These Cast Iron Plates feature dual weight markings.  The silver-on-black design looks sharp, while the large silver numbers are highly visible even from a distance.