Bullrock Black Bumpers

Built to Drop: When lifting your 1RM for snatch or clean and jerk, the last thing that should be on your mind is, “Can I drop this if I need to bail?!”.  These bumper plates are built to withstand drops – even from overhead

Plate Specifications:

Material: Natural Rubber Plate Diameter: 450mm Collar Opening: 50.4mm Insert Type: Stainless Steel Ring Finish: Matte Weight Tolerance: 2%

They are durable and dependable, and they save your platform, floors/mats, and bars from damage, too!

Built to Drop!

Thinner Profile:

These have thinner profile, like for e.g. the 25kg plate of 88mm thickness is reduced up to 84mm & likewise the other plate’s thickness is also reduced which means now your plate loading capacity on the bar is increased.

These Bumper Plates comes with an improved Matte finish which provides an enhanced smooth yet clean look finish with easy to clean property

Improved Finish and Lettering:

Our bumper plates boast an ideal durometer hardness rating.  They are designed to bounce less when dropped, which means a lesser force is exerted on the barbell.

Low Bounce & Efficient:

The Bullrock BLACK BUMPER PLATES 2.0 150 kg Set (5x2, 10x2, 15x2, 20x2, 25x2) @48,352 only