Dual grip 28mm and 32mm

Get much more creative in Shrugs, rows, farmers walk, plyometric deadlifts, step-ups.

28 MM - Well Suited for Deadlifts 32 MM - Farmers Walk/ Target Forearms

1.5mm knurl, Powder Coated

26Kg Bar

Hex Trap Bar is a great option for Deadlifts. While it's easy to learn and acts safer to joints. 

A Speciality bar

Hex Trap Bar

Two handles types, thin 28MM and thick 32MM is great to challenge your grip during different exercises and get you a freedom that lacks when using straight barbell.

BullrocK Fitness Hex Trap Bar Weight For Powerlifting Deadlift

Durable frame welded from 1.5×1.5″ 11-gauge CR steel (3mm thick) tubing.