This is an item you shouldn't go cheap with - Power racks! We have picked some from 2 companies siege fitness and Bullrock fitness.  Hopefully your search will end here.



PROS • 2x2 inch, 11 gauge steel • 30 inch depth • Multigrip Pull up bar • 2 inch hole spacing • Static load test of 800kgs + • Lifetime warranty CONS • Pin & Pipe safety spotters

There's no other rack that can match in terms of cost-to-value ratio. It got a smaller frame with all of the same functionality. On a budget, this is what I suggest.

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#2 Bullrock raptor squat stand

PROS • 2.5 x 2.5 inch, 11 gauge steel • 180kg drop tested • 300kg Static load tested • 24 inch long spotter arms • Takes less space CONS • Only 5 years warranty • 86 inches height

You'll feel quite secure on it if you squat less than 180-200kgs.  Footprint is about 49 by 47 inches, therefore you would need at least a 4x4 foot area to fit this rack and at least an 8x4 foot area to load a barbell to do various movements.

#3 Siege mammoth rack - Premium RACK

PROS • 3x3 inch, 11 gauge steel • 2-inch hole spacing with Numbering • 43-inch depth • Both box safety and safety strap options • Multi grip pull-up bar • 1500kgs static weight tested

It is the top most rack you can purchase - it opens doors to all attachments that siege would provide. If compared to bullrock rack, siege mammoth offers same specs.

Siege Number "7619614418" Share code: "MENSQUATS'

#4 Bullrock gorilla power rack

PROS • 3x3 inch, 11 gauge steel • Westside hole spacing • 450kgs drop tested • 41-inch depth • Various colour options CONS • No multi-grip pull up bar • Numbering on only a few holes

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It was drop tested with 450kgs and did not move at all, demonstrating the stability of this rack. Bullrock offers numerous depth options for this power rack.

#5 Siege Centurion squat rack - Value For Money

PROS • 3x3 inch, 11 gauge steel • 2 inch hole spacing • 8mm thick spotter arms • 48-inch long floor runners for stability • Numberings on every hole CONS • 18-inch spotter arm length


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This rack made by Siege in the same 3x3 inch 11 gauge steel as their MAMMOTH power rack, but instead of 4 uprights, there are 2, saving space.