Best Punching bag

Look at the finest punching bag brands in India based on what they offer for the price.  You will discover at least a dozen manufacturers creating identical-looking bags, so, this will provide some clarification.


These brands will tell that they employ materials such as SRF and PU leather, which are both good materials for a boxing bag, but their claims are false. Choose PU leather or higher quality. 

Weight Used

A boxing bag, no matter how long it is, will be too light for most individuals if it weighs less than 18-20kgs. Choose weight 20 kg+


The materials used here, their stitching, the cushioning on the bag, everything is of the highest quality, and I'm extremely delighted. USI and invincible both have similar quality.

By Agatha Android

January 16, 2020

USI Punching Bag

These boxing bags are professional grade bags made of high-quality material that will not tear and weigh a lot. A 4 foot bag can weigh between 35 and 40 kg.

Aurion Punching Bag

These are adequate for introducing you to the sport of boxing and determining whether it is something you enjoy, but they are not suitable for serious use.

Which to Buy?

Depends on your budget. These bags range in price from INR 2,500 to INR 12,000.  If you want the best value for money, hard bodies are the way to go because they are far less expensive than USI.