Home Gym Ideas in India

In this story today, we'll explore the finest home gym setups in India, all crafted by our YouTube subscribers.  If you have a home gym, feel free to share it with us.

With a staggering weight capacity of over 1.5 Tons, the Mammoth stands as immovable as a mountain, providing a stable foundation for your workouts.

If you're curious about the details of the Siege Mammoth Rack, it weighs a remarkable 250 KGS and offers a massive 5x5 feet footprint.  Built with precision using 3x3" steel tubes, designed for unparalleled durability and safety.

Enter the big leagues with the Mammoth 6 post.  Featuring 11 gauge, 3*3 CR Steel Tubes, a massive working area of 48*70" and a plethora of attachments providing an insane value, the mammoth is the most versatile power rack available.  Price: 90,000

The Daemon 3x3 half rack, featuring a precision engineered and aesthetically stunning design, the half rack stands at 160 kg, and will be the most stable and safe half rack you will ever use. Price: 54,000

The Warlord. A highly requested 30” option for those who want a compact, space-saving solution. With a working area of 30”, a total footprint of 40x52”, and a weight of 130kg, the rack features extra-large 6.5x6.5”, 8mm thick base plates which can be bolted down. Price: 49,000

Siege Gladiator Power Rack, which stands out as the best budget power rack in India, offering excellent specs and pricing. This 2x2 inch 11 gauge steel power rack is exceptionally stable Price: 29,000

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By Agatha Android

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