Best barbell in India

A home gym needs 3 key pieces of equipment, & the main one is barbell.  A quality barbell lasts long while, a low-quality one chips, peels, becomes slippery, and spins poorly.

Barbell PROS

Pros: – Combines powerlifting and weightlifting barbell features. – Excellent value. – Bushings provide dampening upon dropping the bar. – Moderate knurling ensures a comfortable grip

1. Leeway OSTIN barbell

By Agatha Android

January 16, 2020

The Ostin Bar 2.0 is a Chrome, 20 KG Bar. It has shaft diameter is 28 MM, 220kg capacity.

2. ATE eagle barbell

The ATE Eagle Barbell has a Black Oxide finish on the shaft. Black Oxide coating is durable, rust resistant and gives a bare metal feel to the knurl.

3. Leeway Archer Bar

The Archer Bar 2.0 comes with a Chrome shaft & sleeves. With a load capacity of up to 400 kg, this bar is crafted from high-strength steel

4. Bullar Barbell

By Agatha Android

7 feet, 50mm solid weight bar is compact and convenient enough for all gyms and homes. The lifting bar features a solid chromed steel bar


This set includes a Bar 20kg 28mm, Competition Bumper Plates 140kg, Fractional 15kg, and a pair of collars. Whatsapp: 7906169817