Assault AirBike Classic

If you’re in the market for an air bike, chances are you’ve come across the Air bikes that costs under 6000. Those aren't real.  Presenting you Assault AirBike.

Pros – variety of workout programs – more affordable – easy to assemble – no electricity required Cons – saddle may come loose – not compact or foldable

They also have a reputation for being easy to move and assemble, which is a huge plus if you’re putting the bike together on your own.

The bikes all feature the same basic design, including a 27-inch (68.6-cm) steel fan, an adjustable saddle, moving handlebars, transport wheels, and an LCD center console.


Max weight capacity: 136.1 kg Weight: 48.6 kg Seat adjustments: 5 front-to-back - 11 height