The Sweatshop 3 Finger Gymnastic Hand Grips

We use grips to protect our hands from calluses. Constantly whirling around the bar while performing muscle-ups can rip the skin.  Grips protect your hands.

Even without chalk, these triple-stitched carbon fiber grips create a consistent stick helping prevent slipping while also protecting your hands/palms.

– Available in 3 sizes : S,M,L  (Please see size guide )  Palm Length of Grips- S:9cm M:10cm L:11cm

Available Sizes

Open Design so you wont struggle with slippery hands on the bar, or struggle with sweaty traditional gym gloves.

Carbon fibre gymnastic gloves

Ideal for Cross fitness, pullups, weight lifting, chin ups, training, exercise, kettlebell, more.  Protect your palms from rips!